Rembrandt’s Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

21 Responses to “Rembrandt’s Homer Simpson”

  1. Homer says:

    Homer Simpson never looked so good!

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  3. Bill says:

    This is hysterical! Is it possible to get a print that’s suitable for framing?

  4. David says:

    hi, sorry no prints available at the moment

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  6. Mark Roberts says:

    Been following your stuff since the early virals m8. nice to see you’re still at it. keep it up

  7. rob barton says:

    I would award the title “Most Talented Barton” any day

  8. Eduardo Casali says:

    Sensacional, Hommer meu ídolo

  9. I’m pretty sure Rembrandt created Homer Simpson! Homer seems like a Renaissance man.

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  11. Flor says:

    Awesome, I love this!!

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  13. xhesika says:

    jetaiime homer <3

  14. Alessandro says:

    A genius!

  15. Nicolas Esse says:

    I write in French and have been using this image as my avatar for many years
    I’ve changed it to Rembrandt’s Homer, it’s absolutely brilliant.Your image is truely worth a thousand words. I’ll share and mention whenever I can.

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  17. Hans says:

    Hi ! This Picture is great…

    Is there a possibility to get this as an Poster ?

  18. Richard A Grabert says:

    The first time I saw this I fell like I was looking at a caricature of myself. This is so good. I would love to purchase prints of this.

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