Link Dump

Stuff and nonsense.

Oldskool demo on a 7 segment display

Well, an 840 segment display to be precise.

The 'Limpfish-1000' 6502 homebrew computer

Building a 70's era 8-bit machine. From scratch. With lots of wire.

Van Gogh's Groundskeeper Willie at the actual Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Appeared, briefly, as part of a multimedia display (slideshow on a big tv) in 2014/15. Maybe it's still there.

Javascript Frak!

Attempt at an 8 bit platformer in javascript.

HTML 5 canvas lens effect

Oldskool 90's demo scene lens ball thingy meets nuskool HMTL 5 canvas wotsit. Chrome and Firefox only, I think.

What's on 6 Music?

Displays the current song playing on BBC 6 Music. Teletext font on a grubby looking 80s school issue Microvitec monitor. Tweets to on6musicnow.

Raspberry Pi wifi radio

Cardboard, Raspberry Pi powered, wifi internet radio.

Numitron ticker

Numitrons! They're like low power nixie tubes. Controlled by a 9v battery powered ARM mBed.


Generating a Geocaching Heat Map

Creates heat map jpgs from's 'My Finds'. Takes the GPX file, parses it, layers the points on a UK map and then plonks a 70's Michael Fish on it for good measure.

Lossie come home

JPEG artifact humour!

PC Stats on Analogue Gauges

A retro way to show network stats. Quick write up for 'Custom PC' mag on an alternative method of rigging up a couple of old analogue meters to a PC.

POI Editor

Make your own sat nav 'points of interest' files. Reads and writes native Tomtom .ov2 binaries.

Pre History

Soo last century...

Cuttings:Design Week

Piece about 'untrained outsiders...untrammelled by clients and convention'. How rude.

Cuttings:'Email Jokes are real art; Spoof net pics to go in gallery'

Untrammelled crude Royal photoshopping gets shown at the ICA.

Cuttings:The Sun

One flies the flag for the lads. Page 3 no less.

Cuttings:The Mirror

Site of the day for the Star Wars deleted scene.

Star Wars deleted scene

A rare deleted scene from the very first Star Wars film.

B3ta screen saver

Slide shows the current crop of b3ta front page pictures. Live content from B3ta's xml feed means its always updated.

Star Peas

Help save the Earth of the evil veg. Shockwave/Director game.

LCD interfacing

A Winamp plugin that outputs MP3 info to a connected LCD.


A mouse controller for Winamp. Intended for a Toshiba Libreto 70C.